Pai Life

Pai is a small, alternative-lifestyle town in Northwest Thailand.  The local population is an interesting mix of Ethnic Thais, Burmese Immigrants, Thai Rastas, Hippie Westerners, and Backpackers/Travelers that decided to stay.  Pai has an amazing Music & Art scene, renowned Bamboo Tattoo artists, first-class Western & Thai food, a lively Night Market, and plenty of Bars to wind-down at after a long day of doing nothing!

The #1 Thing To Do in Pai–Nothing!

Getting Here

There are chartered-mini buses (local bus station & Aya Service) departing from Chiang Mai to Pai every hour between 7:30 am and 17:30 pm.  The cost is 150 THB (one-way) and the journey takes about 3.5 hours through 762-nauseating turns.  The more adventurous can rent motorbikes one-way and take their time enjoying the beautiful views (Aya will drop off your luggage for you in the mini-bus).

A Day in the Life

A normal day in Pai might look something like this–wake up early to soak in the beauty of the sun as it creeps above the surrounding mountains and sheds light on the beautiful Pai valley.  Enjoy a wheatgrass shot & nutritious breakfast at Good Life cafe, in time to participate in their group morning meditation.  Rent a motorbike, and cruise through Pai Valley, the surrounding mountains, and the endless rice fields, visiting some local Village Tribes and the Chinese Village.  Grab a few Changs and spend the hottest hours at the Mor Paeng Waterfall, sliding off the rocks into the swimming pools.  Head over to the Elephant Camps, and feed them some bananas and maybe go for a ride.  Relax for a bit at the nearby Hot Springs.  Drop in for an afternoon Muay Thai class, or enjoy an afternoon traditional Thai massage.  Grab a few Leos or Singhas and enjoy the sunset at Pai Canyon.  Wat Prathat Mae Yen or Sunset Restaurant are also great places to enjoy the sunset.  Enjoy street food and a fruit shake at the Nigthly Market, and buy some souvenirs and art.  Head back to Common Grounds Pai for the best Happy Hour in town, and then enjoy Pai’s amazing music scene by bouncing around all of the great local bars.  Most bars close down at midnight, but Follow Me Bar, Bamboo Bar, Don’t Cry are usually the spots for a late-night party!

Classes & Workshops:

  • Pai Circus School (fire dancing, juggling, & poi)
  • Thai Cooking (from market to table)
  • Thai Massage
  • Muay Thai
  • Meditation Workshops & Retreats
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi / Qi Gong Courses

To See:

  • Waterfalls & Sliding Rocks
  • Caves
  • Pai Canyon
  • Chinese Village
  • Memorial Village
  • Mountain Roads & Vistas
  • Hilltribe Villages
  • Wats

To Do:

  • Hot/Cold Springs
  • Elephant Trekking / Feeding
  • Trekking (all levels) & Camping
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Farmer’s and Flea Markets
  • Off-road Motorbike Adventures
  • Tubing & Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Piranha Fishing Park
  • Festivals (art, music, half moon, full moon)


  • Book-Reading
  • Hammock-Chilling
  • Jamming
  • Chess-Playing
  • Sunset-Watching